Membership Curriculum

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    Start Here: Membership Introduction

    • Welcome: From The Founders 👋🏿

    • Billing & Cancellation Policies 🛑

    • Text Message Updates 📲

    • Membership Badges ⚜️

    • Onboarding Survey 📋

    • Facebook Mastermind Group 🤓

    • Members Only Community 😎

    • Membership Perks 😎

    • Ultimate Marketing Tools List 🛠

    • Affirmation Screen Savers 📱

    • 2022 Social Media Hashtag Holiday Calendar List 🗓

    • Share The Love ❤️

    • Looking For A Side Hustle To Earn Extra Cash? 🤠

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    IG Roadmap Step 1: Set Up

    • Welcome To The Ultimate Instagram Roadmap 🗂

    • Understanding The Instagram Algorithm 101 🤖

    • How To Set Goals & Create Strategies 🏆

    • 🖊 Goals & Strategy Quiz

    • Goals & Strategy Assignment ✏️

    • How To Create Your Ideal Customer Profile 🙋🏿‍♀️

    • 🖊 Know Your Customers Quiz

    • Know Your Customers Assignment ✏️

    • How To Create An Instagram Bio That Sells Your Brand 📇

    • 🖊 Business Profile Quiz

    • How To Easily Create A Beautifully Branded Instagram Feed 🎨

    • 🖊 Brand Profile Quiz

    • Brand Profile Assignment ✏️

    • How To Create A Content Strategy To Grow Your Brand 👩🏿‍💻

    • 🖊 Content Strategy Quiz

    • How To Create Evergreen Content With IG Guides 🗺

    • 🖊 Instagram Guides Quiz

    • How To Create Captions That Make Your Followers Take Action 👨🏿‍💻

    • 🖊 Caption Strategy Quiz

    • How To Find The Best Times To Post ⏰

    • 🖊 Post Schedule Quiz

    • How To Create Hashtag Sets To Boost Posts Organically #️⃣

    • 🖊 Hashtag Strategy Quiz

    • How To Read Your Analytics To Grow Your Brand 📑

    • 🖊 Data Strategy Quiz

    • How To Batch Content To Stay Consistent & Save Time 🗂

    • 🖊 Content Batching Quiz

    • How To Use Keyword Search To Increase Brand Awareness 🔍

    • 🖊 Keyword Search Quiz

    • How To Use Instagram ALT Text To Boost SEO 🔍

    • 🖊 Instagram ALT Text Quiz

    • Zapier Content Hack For Saving Time 🤖

    • 🖊 Zapier Content Hack Quiz

    • How To Use DM FAQS To Save Time 📥

    • 🖊 DM FAQS Quiz

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    IG Roadmap Step 2: Build

    • How To Use QR Codes To Market Your Brand In Person 📸

    • 🖊 QR Codes Quiz

    • How To Use Story Filters To Grow Brand Awareness 🤳🏿

    • 🖊 Story Filter Quiz

    • How To Use Post Notifications To Boost Engagement 🔔

    • 🖊 Post Notifications Quiz

    • How To Use Pinned Comments To Boost Engagement 📌

    • 🖊 Pinned Comments Quiz

    • How To Use IG Stories To Build Community & Engagement 📽

    • 🖊 IG Stories Quiz

    • The Best Tips For Using IG Lives & IGTV To Build Brand Awareness 📺

    • 🖊 IG Live & IGTV Quiz

    • How To Grow Followers Using The 502 Strategy 💬

    • 🖊 502 Strategy Quiz

    • How To Grow Followers Using Giveaways 🎁

    • 🖊 Giveaways Quiz

    • How To Grow Followers Using Influencers 🎭

    • 🖊 Influencers Quiz

    • How To Grow Followers Using Shoutouts 🗣

    • 🖊 Shoutouts Quiz

    • The Best Tips For Getting Started With Reels 🎞

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    IG Roadmap Step 3: Earn

    • Best Strategies For Selling In The DMs 📥

    • 🖊 DM Promo Quiz

    • How To Make Sales Using Sponsored Posts 💰

    • 🖊 Sponsored Posts Quiz

    • How To Use IG Posts & Stories To Increase Sales 💸

    • 🖊 IG Post & Story Sales Strategy Quiz

    • How To Get Free Exposure And Increase Sales Using IG Shopping 🛍

    • 🖊 IG Shopping Quiz

    • How To Use IGTV Ads To Make Passive Income 💵

    • 🖊 IGTV Ads Quiz

    • Instagram Ads Tips 📰

    • How To Use IG Live Badges To Make Passive Income ❣️

    • 🖊 IG Live Badges Quiz

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    New Monthly Academy Lessons

    • New Month Update: January 2022 🆕

  • 6


    • The Secrets Behind Sales Psychology To Increase Your Sales 🧠

    • 🖊 The Secrets Of Sales Psychology Quiz

    • Content Growth Hack Masterclass 📈

    • 🖊 Content Growth Hack Quiz

  • 7

    #Viralinsta Mini Series

    • How To Generate Leads Using Story Polls 📥

    • How To Make Content For Growing Followers ✏️

    • How To Make Content For Boosting Engagement ✏️

    • How To Make Content For Generating Leads & Sales ✏️

    • How To Make Content For Building Community ✏️


Senior Instructor

Issen Alibris

Meet Issen, self described data nerd & growth hacker. 🤓 Issen left a 7 year stint in corporate America as a marketing consultant working with Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble & luxury transportation company partners like NetJets. Since then, Issen has helped hundreds of brands increase their online presence on Instagram & other digital platforms. 😎 "I love products like Instagram because not only do I get to make marketing on the platform easier for brands to understand, I get to work with cool product from cool places." When he's not talking to brands about their digital marketing or chatting at conferences around town, he's posting about food in Los Angeles 🥘 & talking about what to watch on TV 📺 on his podcast.

Senior Instructor

Terri Green

Meet Terri, your new business BFF. 😎 Terri has over 13+ years of digital marketing experience under her belt and has worked with brands from all over the world. 🌎 She's efficient in all areas of marketing, but her favorite thing to do is create strategies. She’s “self-made” and enjoys her work from home life. Her first company generated over 1 million in revenue all from her couch. 🤑 An expert in marketing and growth hacking, she loves helping brands scale their business. Also, she’s low-key known as the Instagram growth plug, growing millions of followers for thousands of customers. 🔌 Besides, being an expert marketer she daylights as a Yorkie mom 🐶 & Harry Potter fan (#TeamGryffindor). ⚡️ And now together with Issen, she's put all her years of expertise together to help create easy-to-use Instagram marketing solutions that anybody can use. 🎉

Testimonials ❤️

5 star rating

So resourceful and helpful!!!!

Amari Dior Jackson

The course is easy to go through. Issen and Terri have done a great job at providing all the tools and resources any person would need to be a marketing succ...

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The course is easy to go through. Issen and Terri have done a great job at providing all the tools and resources any person would need to be a marketing success! Rather you are a beginner, know a little somethin', or an expert at marketing, this membership has you covered! The consultation call I had with Terri was beyond eye-opening. I'm a new business owner and new to marketing, yet she was able to take a look at my business and break down all the essentials in a way that I could completely understand. Her expertise, passion, consistency and helpfulness was everything I needed to get the ball rolling! All of the tips found in this membership has me jumping out of my seat in excitement for what my new marketing skills will offer my business's future! Thanks again Terri!

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5 star rating

Solid 1st Month!

Denae Ennis

I enjoyed the material offered this month, it was solid! The support and feedback was great also; it was the email communication that reeled me in (: Excited...

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I enjoyed the material offered this month, it was solid! The support and feedback was great also; it was the email communication that reeled me in (: Excited for the new content!

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